Community Coaches Event Resources and Program Feedback

Thank you for delivering the Melbourne Victory program.

If you are delivering a school program, please follow the program delivery below. This program is set by the FFA and is the guideline for delivery of all school programs across Australia.

Also, please note that all program delivery must follow the Melbourne Victory COVIDSafe Plan. This must be read, understood and actioned by all staff prior to program delivery. The Football Victoria Return to Play/Training guidelines are also at this link:

Return to Programs: COVIDSafe Plan

Finally, to help assist with Melbourne Victory reporting and to further improve the programs we deliver, please complete the following feedback form with at the completion of your event or program. This must be completed for every program, payment may be held if this is not complete.

  • Coach Survey

  • The Event

    School / Club / Community
  • (Teacher / Club Administrator / Staffer)
  • School / Club / Location
  • School / Club / Council location
  • The Participants

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  • The Program

  • The Checklist